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Characters by Kat

I create characters to tell a tale. I work on these characters like I work on the characters in the children book’s I illustrate. I create individuals and groups, such as families. You provide all the details and I conjure up the character and its environment. Gifting a customised Character by Kat will make a beautiful keep sake and last the years. It will certainly bring a smile and capture a beautiful moment.

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The experiences you are providing to our kids is truly inspiring especially in these times of self-isolation. The kids are very lucky to be learning from a very talented award-winning book illustrator. Love your work Kat.

Tamlyn Van Zyst 

Kat, your Easter bunny drawing just now was so fantastic!! My five year old loved it. He was a bit scared of the camera. He’s been feeling a bit sad missing school and his friends and I saw his face light up doing this. You should so do online classes for kids.

Emilie van Oosten

My Daughter has been attending Kats Art Club since day dot! Ava- Lily enjoys the online live sessions and loves the interactivity amongst Kat and the students. She LOVES participating and looks forward to it as part of her activities. We highly recommend Kats Art Club, Kat really makes it fun, creative and enjoyable. Ava-Lily is learning to grow her art skills and her confidence.

Mum of Ava-Lyly

Kats Art Club is the best, in the words of my son, Sam: 'It is so much fun! You get to interact and learn heaps about drawing, then you go int the draw to be the person to come up with next weeks character...'

We are so thankful for Kat and her storytelling art classes where she inspires and encourages children through the joy of art.

Mum of Sam | Anita Jenkins

My 6 year old absolutely loves Kats art Club..

Every week she eagerly awaits the class, and it's never a chore to get her motivated for it.

Mum of Lila | Katie Barillaro

Kats Art Club Membership FAQs

Yes, once you have signed your child up regular monthly payments will be taken from your account until you choose to cancel.

We try to keep it very simple. We suggest A4 visual diary, a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener as a starting point. We do encourage you to have some coloured pencils or texta’s on hand.

When you log in to the website, head to the Members Area. Here you will find a Green LIVE CLASS graphic, click and you can join the class

We run this through ZOOM. We suggest that you upload the app onto your child’s device.

You can also cast the live session to your TV if you prefer your kids to not be on a device.