The Value Of Personalised Gifts

The Value Of Personalised Gifts - Kats Art Club

As we are all aware Christmas is JUST around the corner and the pressure is on… oh lets add in the many birthday celebrations, new babies being born, wedding anniversaries that pop up through the year. It’s relentless and causes soooo much stress.

What do I get them? Oh I know a voucher will do, or I’ll throw $50 in a card..


Identifying with this?

REALLY…is that what it has come to?

Yes life is farkin’ cray cray but I think we have forgotten what gift giving is all about…haven’t we?  We are all rush rush, rush, tick the list kinda people.

Lets start with what giving a gift about?

Its simple really…lets be nice to people!!! Or lets go down the familiar line of sharing is in fact caring and giving gifts can make us happier.

To back this up here are some basic facts I have pulled together for you:

Did you know that there is scientific evidence that the act of gift giving increases the endorphins to your brain providing a huge sense of happiness within?
Do you realise it is embedded in our DNA to want to give, to show love, friendship and camaraderie?
Do you care that a well-selected present given in a timely manor or just well thought out will add VALUE and strengthen your connection with the gift receiver?

Lets be honest it can all just be such a hassle.. we are generally time poor, financially poor, and in very busy in our own worlds….agree?

The solution

So if we change our thinking to ” It could it be enjoyable and fun”  and “I really want to show just how much they mean to me” The world would be a happier place.

Stop yourself and consider the event and the person you are buying for. Are they special to you?, what would mean the world to them?…what will bring a smile to their faces?

Do they like art?, Would they love an experience? Is it a milestone in their lives?

Personalised gifts

True, it is so easy to click the BUY NOW on a product you have no idea if little Jack will like, and how many of the same thing he will get… ahh the world of mass production…soo cheap…wow…sooo unoriginal, I so detest these.

I’m not saying that every gift has to be expensive and hand crafted, but imagine the look on their face as they open a gift made for them…a gift that displays their likes, their personality and taps into their values. A gift providing them with the reassurance that they are important to you.

Imagine a gift that is sooo unique that no one else in the whole of the world has one the same. This is a gift for keeping…not a gift that will be thrown on the pile and chucked away after a year.

Personalisation is about adding in all the details from a name, a place, a favourite colour, a pet or a hobby…well it is for me anyway. And getting personal with gifts is like writing a letter about them …you just have a few pieces of information and the result is stunning.

Just think how you would feel receiving a gift filled with so much thought and love. Yep, I reckon it would put a smile in your heart.

This is why I do what I do as an illustrator, offering my skill by developing the name arts and characters for others.  Honestly I have so much fun putting all the pieces together, seeing the result and receiving the feedback.

After all I love bringing a smile through colour and line.

So get real and add some thought into your shopping this Christmas…as you will receive back so much more by seeing the joy in their eyes..

Happy shopping.

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