Who Am I Again?

Who Am I Again? - Kats Art Club

Me, myself and I …who am I? A question we all ask ourselves a lot I am sure. Well, surely I am not the only one LOL

To be completely honest, until now, I had NO frickin’ idea!

I had been searching for this in so many ways throughout my adult years.

I thought reading The Alchemist would help. Well, I guess it did – a little…I have hundreds of self-help books all purchased and left half-read. I joined groups…being told to live a certain way…do things that way. Living to impress others… “look at me over here… don’t you think I’m impressive?”. All that shite created a very hollow me; I was this tiny version of myself lost inside a shell called Kat…

Would you believe that NOW, in my mid 40s, I’m excited to say I can finally answer this question!!! So I decided to sit down and reflect on this a bit more, and it turns out the HOW and WHY are simple…

I SCREWED up…I took a wrong turn and life went to shit and now I am bloody grateful for it! I won’t bore you with thousands of details but by hitting rock bottom I had the chance to re-evaluate my life. I had clarity around how I was living and really asked myself the questions “what do I want to be?”…”how do I want my life to look?” And the biggy –  “what am I doing so wrong?”.

So WHO am I?…I am Katharine, Kat…I am firstly a forty something mama with sass. I am curvatious, loving and strong. My values are now clear, and they are based around the beautiful family I have in my life. And this exact family, I almost lost…

I live as honestly as I can and respect those who are loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a creative, an illustrator, a business owner, a beach dweller and a clown. These things are what I love about me. For the first time in forever, I can actually say “Hell yea, I like who I am.”

So I ask… WHO are you?

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