I love the illustrations of Sir Quentin Blake.

I love the illustrations of Sir Quentin Blake. - Kats Art Club

I have always loved the books of Roald Dahl, his words made me laugh…almost my head off as in ‘Revolting Rhymes’.  The main attraction for me were the illustrations. I was a child that struggled to read BUT I loved to draw and spent hours turning the pages of the book, drinking in the drawings and sometimes making up my own stories from these pictures.

Sir Quentin Blake has always been a hero to me best known for his collaboration with author Roald Dahl …a huge influence on my current illustrative style.

‘I do a freewheeling sort of drawing that looks as though it is done on the spur of the moment. However, even a single drawing needs a certain amount of preparation and planning.’ Sir Quentin Blake

Yes, there are so many beautiful, pretty books out there, perfectly executed. But what I enjoyed about his drawings were the energy, humour, and the imperfect lines. Like he states above yes still a lot of planning, but the style makes the process fun and keeps the energy of the words alive.

I love the scruffiness of the pen and ink married with the watercolour. I have kept the imperfectly drawn black lines and the unevenness of the water colour and applied them to my own work.

A couple of my favourite of his illustrations are:

“Never do anything by halves”- I love the way he captures the energy in the crowd showing all their different personality traits and even actions.


 “Georges Marvellous Medicine” – It’s the overlaying of the water colour splats, the wonder in Georges eyes…without the authors words there is a whole tale to be told… this drawing fills a child’s eyes with wonder and magic.



His drawings alone tell so many stories. I encourage you to purchase a box set of some of these timeless classics from Roald Dahl and Sir Quentin Blake and share some magical moments with your own child.

Also you can purchase prints of his work through The Rose Gallery

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